More than 30 independent experts

  • who belong to the elite in their field. Building and maintaining a network of experts and appropriate contacts is a key element for us.
  • group of professionals with a shared vision of delivering consistently great results for our clients in any manner.

WE CARE not only about QUALITY of the provided services but also about quality of selected co-workers to achieve common success.

Besides that PROAVIATE is a declared training organisation - SK.DTO.14. Based on the declaration we are entitled to provide:

  • Theoretical knowledge instruction PPL(A) (Private Pilot Licence - Airplane)
  • Theoretical knowledge instruction LAPL(A) (Light Aircraft Pilot Licence - Airplane)
  • Theoretical knowledge instruction SPL (Sailplane Pilot licence)
  • Theoretical knowledge instruction FI(S) (Flight Instructor Sailplane)
  • Refresher training FI(S)

PROAVIATE is as well an approved training organisation - SK.ATO.16 (Approved Training Organisation) in accordance with EASA standards. Based on this certificate, we are entitled to provide:

  • Theoretical knowledge instruction ATPL(A) (Airline Transport Pilot Licence - Airplane)


Acknowledgment of declaration receipt SK.DTO.14

Approved Training Organisation Certificate SK.ATO.16

ATO Training course approval