Gliding is a best flying school. Direct challenge of nature, only you and your knowledge and the surrounding air and meteorological situation, which is different every day, will clarify your perception of the glider and its behavior.

As with other training, SPL theoretical instruction is the first part of the training to obtain a glider pilot license (SAIPLANE).

Within the SPL course, the applicant will be acquainted with the following subjects, focused on gliders:

  • Principles of flight
  • Meteorology
  • Operations procedures
  • Air law
  • Navigation
  • Human performance
  • Communication
  • Flight performance and flight planning
  • General knowledge about gliders

Course follows the requirements of Regulation No. 2018/1976 Part III / Part-SFCL.

PROAVIATE is a declared training organisation providing only the theoretical instructions. After successful completion of our course you can start your flight training in any flight training organisation of your choice. And of course, you can immediately apply for the final theoretical knowledge examination to Transport Authority.

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