As a first part for obtaining a Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) licence - Drone Pilot licence - you have to undergo an exam of theoretical knowledge at the Transport Authority. This exam is performed at predetermined dates and times in the Slovak language and consists of the following subjects:

  • Aviation law and Air Traffic Control procedures
  • General knowledge of the aircraft
  • Aircraft flight performance and flight planning
  • Meteorology
  • Operating procedures
  • Principles of flight

The course is suitable, as well, for recreational drone pilots and aircraft models who do not currently plan to pass a theoretical knowledge test at the Transport Authority, nor is their activity required a permit to fly drones.

These pilots have the opportunity to learn where and under what conditions it is possible to fly legally with their drone or model.

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  • 349,- EUR
  • - Theoretical instructions led by certified instructor ONLINE

    - Materials for final exam at Transport Authority

    - PROAVIATE instructor support during the course

    - Online classroom with all information centralized in one place

    - Access to question bank included