Do you want to repeat the part of aviation theory?

In PROAVIATE, we will provide you with some more lecture, training, seminars or consultation in any of the following areas. Giving individual attention to inndividuals with non-aviation background who is sought after more information are more than welcome as well.

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Principles of flight
Why does the aeroplane fly, what types of forces act on it, where can I actually fly without an engine?
What is going on in the atmoshpere and what effect does it have on my flight?
Aviation Law
Are you really confident in legislation that applies to aviation?
General navigation
Do you know how to read a chart and how not to get lost when the GPS fails?
Radio navigation
How to navigate by VOR or why do you land with help of ILS/DME at the most airports?
Aircraft construction
What it is a wing, what a rudder? Where does the aeroplane have brakes?
Aircraft instruments
What instruments can I find on board of the aircraft and how does hey work?
How to communicate correctly and effectively on frequency?
Human factors
Is a human being the most reliable and at the same time the most critical link in the chain?
ATC procedures
Is it really clear to you how the Air Traffic Services works?
Operational procedures
Fire extinguishers, life jackets, oxygen masks.... such equipment is on board of the aeroplane as well.
Flight planning
Do you know what everything belongs here? Neither we do.... that was a joke :)
Mass and balance
Is it better to be heavy on the head or to have a heavy head?
Aviation English
Havdujudu? So this is not enough for your Aviation English Assessment...
Flight abroad
Have not you flown to an airport abroad yet? Do you want to prepare yourself for it with us?
Flight Performance
How many meters do I need to take off? Why do aeroplanes prefer cold?
Airspace SR
The airspace is not like another airspace... sometimes you just cannot take-off. We will tell you why.
I want to use radio
Just because you turn on the radio, it does not mean you can talk to it freely....
Eco flying
Are you interested in somethng from glliding? We will answer it too :)
Do you miss something here?
Ask us if we can answer it. Because what we accidently do not know, we will ask those who know for sure.