Gaining the knowledge is an individual process. In theoretical instruction within the aviation industry, students are mostly adults who have experience from different backgrounds and so during the learning process they evaluate the information from different perspectives and at the same time they have different perceptions and expectations so there is a need to work and guide them.

Aviation is not an environment of improvisation, there is no space for trial-error-style, or doing the mistakes because of lack of knowledge. The instructor role in this process is crucial and the instructors are people who have a huge responsibility to motivate their students to learn constantly and in various ways and to link their acquired knowledge with practice, so that their work in the aviation industry is safe for themselves and their colleagues.

PROAVIATE course TRAIN THE TRAINER is focused on the preparation and consolidation of knowledge and skills in the role of instructor. It is designed for the theoretical knowledge instructors (TKI) and future flight instructors (FI), class rating instructors (CRI), flight and ground crew instructors, air navigation services providers, as well as anyone who is dedicated to training provision.

The course meets the requirements for obtaining an instructor certificate based on Regulation No. 1178/2011 - Teaching&Learning.

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